Directorate of Secondary Education, Odisha, Bhubaneswar

Office Order No. 2B-103-II-2014  27179  // Dt.16.12.2020

The following days during the calendar year 2021 being days of Festive / Commemorative Occasions are hereby declared as holidays for Secondary Schools of the State. The common holiday list is to be strictly followed in all categories of Secondary Schools functioning under the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Secondary Education, Odisha during the calendar year 2021.


  1. Local holidays are to be availed as per local needs with prior permission of the DEO and no deviation will be allowed.
  2. Netaji Jayanti, Republic Day, Saraswati Puja, Utkal Divas, Independence Day, Guru Divas, Ganesh Puja, Gandhi Jayanti and Sishu Divas etc. are to be observed in all the schools in a befitting manner.
  3. Annual Programme for optional holidays to be availed by employees is to be prepared by each school as per the Optional Holiday list published by Govt. of Odisha. Similarly the list of local holidays to be availed  by the school as per local need is to be prepared by each school, Both these lists are to be submitted to the District Education Officer by 20th January, 2021.
  4. The total 2 local holidays shall include the local holiday declared by RDC if any.
  5. Un-availed Visitor’s Holidays will be availed pre-fixing to X-Mass holidays with permission of DEO.

NB.: As Republic Day – 26.01.2020, Nuakhai- 23.08.2020 & Muharram – 30.08.2020 fall on Sundays, these days have not been included in the holiday list.