Rules and Regulations

Rule (VI) of OSSTA Constitution:

  1. General Members : Any teacher or employees of a Secondary School recognized partly or fully by the Board of Secondary Education, Odisha, shall be a General member of OSSTA on payment of Annual subscription of Rs.30 /- (Rupees thirty) only.
  2. Life Members: Only Retired teachers and employees of a Secondary school defined in rule VI(2) shall be the life member of OSST A on payment of Rs. 500 /- (Rupees Five hundred) only.

Member coming under Rule VI(1) shall deposit his/her membership fees to enroll / renew his/her name as a member of OSSTA for the following calendar year within 31st December in every calendar year through concerned Block / District Secretary of OSSTA along with the application form duly signed and filled in. The membership collected shall be distributed among OSSTA, District and Block organization in the ratio of 5 : 10 :15 respectively: No membership of a member coming under Rule VI(2) shall be distributed among the Branch Organizations of OSSTA.

Declaration: I/we the undersigned Member I Members must abide by the constitution of OSSTA and will obey the decision of Executive Committee of OSSTA. I / we hereby solemnly declare that I / we am I are not members of any other Teachers Organization except OSSTA.